Let’s make your life and goals successful and lasting. The #1 pillar!

This is me today 2021 committed to myself achieving my goals and living my life

Let’s make your life and goals succesful and lasting


If you have read my last blog about weight loss and why diets often don’t work, how we can create lasting effects, and how I work with clients also suffering from weight gain. (Since weight gain is considered a dietary challenge).

Well, you have come to the right place. Today, I will reveal the #1 pillar you must have to keep the pounds off for good and keep your wellness goals successful.

I didn’t gain this pilar until I hit rock bottom, and I believe that many of us need to do the same to gain this pillar and keep it.

So what’s the #1 pillar for you to succeed with your goals?


Now, if you are someone that is not committed to themselves as of yet, there is a good chance you will tell me this is bullshit and will stop reading.

Hey, that’s ok! No harsh feelings over here! After all, this is your life, your goals, and your path of reaching them. Maybe you have a way already worked out for yourself, and commitment is not a part of that. I think that’s great too; I would love to hear about it. I am always open to discover new ways.

If you do feel like commitment is a big part of achieving your goals and you keep on reading, yay, thank you. I love having you here and moving forward in your personal journey.

To get into commitment a bit better, let me start with a long story made short. Now, if you have been following me, you may have read about this or something similar before.

My commitment story

It starts with my gluten sensitivity. You see, I was going through a rough time back then as I was in the middle of a nasty divorce from a highly stressful marriage. There was not one day where I didn’t wake up feeling like I got run over by a car. Stress kept bringing me new surprises all the time, from panic to heart palpitations, irregular blood sugar issues, digestive issues, and finally gluten sensitivity followed by a slight dairy sensitivity. Every day I was confronted with more stress verbal abuse by my husband and soon-to-be ex-husband.

Years of stress brought me to feeling the way I did at that time. So when my doctor suggested cutting gluten from my diet, I decided it was not for me, and I needed to stay in denial for another two years. 

I was not ready to commit to myself. I was not prepared to take time for myself and commit to my health, my overall wellbeing. I decided that everything else was more important. Not realizing that if I kept going the way I did, I might not be here today.

I sure put on a good fake smile in front of my children, clients, and friends, acting as if nothing was wrong until I hit rock bottom.

My rock bottom appeared while visiting family in Germany with my two youngest children. It got so bad I couldn’t fake it anymore. I became scared for my life. I wished I could just go home and not visit my family anymore, whom I haven’t seen in seven years.

This was my rock bottom; I hope you will never hit yours and decide that you deserve to commit to yourself today.

You see, what I didn’t realize at the time while in denial was that my children would be the kids who lost their mom to stubbornness and ignorance.

Wow, I certainly could not bear that thought today, so I’m not sure what the heck I was thinking back then. I know I didn’t have the energy to do me at the time. So the question I will ask you today, can you find the time to do you, or will you leave your kids, family, and friends behind from stubbornness, ignorance, and no time.

To commit to yourself gives you the ability to not half-ass life and become the person you want to be, and your kids and family will learn from, look up to and be proud of.

I guess the real question is what kind of example do we set as parents, family members business owners when we teach everyone around us that we are not important enough to commit to our own health and wellbeing. (Remember the saying “Monkey sees, monkey does) What if this were to rub off on our children. How would we feel about that? When we watch our kids unable to commit to themselves. Suffer day in and day out. How would that make us feel?

My most significant commitment to my children is to live by example. Showing them how making their own decisions and committing to themselves, their dreams, goals…is a fulfilling way of life, and they all deserve to have that kind of life.  

Like my mother would always say, “where there is a will, there is a way.”

Am I always doing it right?

Heck no!

But I sure as heck will try my hardest to commit and succeed!

If I have learned anything in life, “commitment it is,” and that’s why I am sharing this with you today. I hope you will start committing to yourself, your life, goals, and dreams, if not today, hopefully, tomorrow.

Making this commitment to myself more than 8 years ago has brought many challenges along the way. Challenges that I was willing to overcome because I knew where I wanted to be, how I wanted to feel, and what kind of example I wanted to set for my children and granddaughter. Maybe not everyone agrees with me, but in the end, this is the life I want to live, and I am hoping that others will find a way to do the same.

I also would like to point out that making this commitment over 8 years ago has also brought me more rewards than I have ever experienced before in life. It has brought me:

  • A second marriage that is caring, loving, happy, respectful, supporting, & positive, something I never had in my first marriage.
  • Health, to the point where I can say, “I have never felt better in life.”
  • Adventures I never thought possible.
  • A new career.
  • A fully recovered body.
  • New opportunities.
  • Living at the bottom of the front range in Colorado, something I only dreamed of in the past.
  • Watching my children and grandchildren grow up, even if it is from a distance.

Would I have never committed to myself and my health, my dreams…I would still live the same old life I used to, probably sicker than I was ever before, as the stress in my life would have continued day in and day out. I would have never recovered from gluten sensitivity and become a Lifestyle and Health Integration coach, coaching and guiding people like yourself to overcome their dietary struggles and achieve their goals.

This was me before I committed to myself

This picture shows me in 2013, right before I hit rock bottom.

My #1 pillar! Commitment to myslef

This is me today, with my second husband, living my life to the fullest staying committed to myself.

Which way will you go?

Your #1 pillar to making your life and goals successful and lasting.

Join me; you deserve to be happy and healthy!

Until next time

Xx Andi

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